Wordless Wednesday: Shih Tzu Dinner Time

Dinner Time Featured Wordless Wednesday

Happy Hump day everyone! We hope your week is going well. All the Tzus are doing good and since we have returned from SuperZoo, I’ve learned a lot of how they are now set in their ways of only eating specific meals. Basically they loved either THK, Raw and home cooked. Though not necessarily in [...]

Monday Mischief: SuperZoo 2014 Recap

SuperZoo 2014

Wow! Last week Riley, my mother and I took the long six-hour drive to Las Vegas for a quick overnight visit to SuperZoo 2014. So what is SuperZoo? It’s the biggest pet retailer trade show on the west coast. This is our second year going, and yes, we plan on going next year too, but [...]

Super Shih Tzu Saturday: Oreo

Super Shih Tzu Oreo

Oreo, Super Shih Tzu Saturday Shih Tzu of the Week Today’s Super Shih Tzu Saturday Shih Tzu of the week is Oreo! Oreo is a handsome man!  Name Handsome Oreo Nicknames OR or Little Punkie  Age 6 years 7 mos Gender Male What are your favorite foods? Watermelon, green beans & Avoderm! What is your [...]

Monday Mischief: Swimming Shih Tzus

Swimming Shih Tzus

Swimming Shih Tzus, really? As it seems, everything has been pretty quiet on the home front here at the residence I like to refer to as Casa de Shih Tzu. But the weather has been horrible lately, it’s hot, humid (normally not) and just overall yucky. As a result we have been staying inside a [...]

Super Shih Tzu Saturday: Izzie

Super Shih Tzu Isabella

Izzie, Super Shih Tzu Saturday Shih Tzu of the Week Today’s Super Shih Tzu Saturday Shih Tzu of the week is Izzie!  Name My full name is Queen Isabella; that’s what my ‘rents named me but nobody ever call me that unless they’re really annoyed with me – which is never (okay, almost never). Nicknames [...]

Wordless Wednesday: Shih Tzu in the Sierras

Shih Tzu in the Sierras Emigrant Gap

I so love California, and so does Riley. There is nothing like being in the Sierra Nevada’s. I haven’t traveled extensively, but I’ve been to Banff in Canada, the Cascades in Washington and the Rockies of Colorado, and there still is nothing like the Sierras. Maybe because to me it’s home. Here Riley stops to [...]

Black & White Sunday: Shih Tzu in Truckee

Riley Shih Tzu in Truckee

One of the great things about traveling with Riley is stopping at almost every rest stop along a trip. The main reason for so many stops is not that Riley can’t hold her pee, but I believe it to be very important to break up the trip with a little exercise for her along the [...]