• Petcurean – Healthy Shih Tzu Dog Food
  • Beating Canine Cancer, One Shih Tzu at a Time
  • Cancer in Dogs: 8 Signs It Can Happen to You
  • Goats Milk for Dogs: Organic Banana Blueberry Pupshake
  • We Will Always be  Seahawks 12!

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Petcurean – Healthy Shih Tzu Dog Food

healthy Shih Tzu Dog Food

As a Shih Tzu owner I am always reading labels when it comes to dog food or treats. Finding a healthy Shih Tzu dog food can be a daunting task. Giving my girls food that is of the highest quality and made with the freshest ingredients is of the utmost importance to me. So today I wanted…

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Beating Canine Cancer, One Shih Tzu at a Time

Beating Canine Cancer

So a couple of weeks ago I wrote Cancer in Dogs: 8 Signs it Can Happen to You. I wrote this because in November I lost my first dog (as an adult) Kyra to cancer. There were some signs that something might be wrong, but I missed them. I never realized what an impact writing…

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goats milk for dogs banana berry shake

Goats Milk for Dogs: Organic Banana Blueberry Pupshake

Goats milk for dogs? Yes! And if you are looking for a healthy “milkshake” to feed to your dog and something that you can enjoy also, then we have just the thing for you.  So why goats milk and not regular cows milk? Well it seems that goat’s milk is a lot healthier for us…

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We Will Always be Seahawks 12!

This weekend we had an almost great time watching the Superbowl. Yes we don’t agree with the play that was called at the end, but that doesn’t matter. We will always be 12! We have been Seahawks fans for two decades, and we will continue to be, showing our love and support to the wonderful…

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Seahawks 12th Pup

Seahawks 12thPup Fans Getting Ready for Some Football!

We are so excited for next weekend to come! And we are even more excited that once again, we are headed to the Superbowl! Yes we spent this weekend getting ready for next weekends big party. From banners to balloons, these little Seahawks 12thpup fans are ready for another great party Shih Tzu Style! Okay,…

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Foster Failure

My Last Foster Failure – Wordless Wednesday

Chicky was the last foster failure in our home 2 years ago. She was originally supposed to stay with us one day, but her perspective family fell through and she decided our house would be her furever home. That’s okay because she is a complete little love, with a dash of spunk! One of her…

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DIY Dog Birthday Cake

This post contains affiliate links for ease of ordering some of our favorite products. This weekend we had a birthday party for Riley. But I made it my quest to find a yummy natural dog birthday cake for the special event. Initially I thought of purchasing a cake, but with prices in the range of…

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