3 Items To Create a Quick DIY Pet First Aid Kit

Pet First Aid Kit Featured Image

Have you ever thought about having a first aid kit on hand while you are working out with your dog? As #petparents we have a responsibility to keep our pets happy and healthy, which normally includes shelter, food, water & regular vet checks. And though most of us keep first aid kits in our homes,…

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Bumble Ball Dog Toy Featured Image of Chicky

Chicky versus the Bumble Ball Dog Toy

It’s so hot outside right now, summer is definitely here. With temperatures here in California reaching 105+ finding activities that are fun, mentally stimulating with a little physical activity are very important in keeping happy healthy dogs. With  a bunch of little ones running around I have to be creative in their exercise, especially when…

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Petcurean Difference Featured Image Shih Tzu w/Tongue out

The Petcurean Difference for Small Dogs

It has been great being a blogger advocate these past few months for Petcurean. If you missed our previous posts, I suggest you take a peek at what a wonderful pet food company Petcurean is. February: Petcurean – Healthy Shih Tzu Dog Food March: 3 Key Benefits of Feeding Petcurean Now Fresh Red Meat Recipe…

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Dog Safety July 4th

6 Easy Dog Safety Tips for July 4th

This week we will be celebrating our nation’s independence. For many of us July 4th is a day to party with friends and family as we toss those burgers and hot-dogs on the grill, fill the ice chest with beer, and stop at the corner stand and pick up some fireworks. But did you know those…

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dog drownings

7 Tips to Prevent Dog Drownings

Summertime is almost upon us, and we will all be jumping into pools to cool off. Dogs enjoy cooling off too and here are a few safety tips. 7 Tips to Prevent Dog Drownings Teach Your Dog to Swim – it is a myth that all dogs are natural-born swimmers. Teach your dog in a…

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Pet Parent Family Featured Image

Confession of a 40-Something Pet Parent

I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to the subject of being a ‘pet parent’.  But the one fact I do know about being a 40 something childless woman is that I don’t want your pity. And the simple fact that giving birth to a human child doesn’t make you more of…

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Pet Parent Sigh of Relief Featured Image

A Pet Parent’s Sigh of Relief

I am a pet parent, and proudly so. I’m sure you’ve seen the ton of arguments on the web lately about human parent vs. pet parent lately, but my view of the term “pet parent” will be discussed next week. For now we are just going to go with it. If you’ve been following us…

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