Proud Mom of a Fit Dog!

Fit Dog

If you don’t know, I’m one proud momma. Riley and I are getting ready for our first Lure Coursing Trial in a few weeks… but that’s not what makes me so proud of her. I am proud of her because of her awesome physique! But that doesn’t come naturally, it comes with a lot of…

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Shih Tzu Travels to Washington DC

Shih Tzu Travel to Washington DC

As part of our ongoing series of,  Where in the World is Riley? Riley visits Washington DC! I want to start of with that not all the sites we visited in DC are dog friendly. Even though I like to highlight and try to go to places that are dog friendly, there are times we…

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dog bloggers rock

Dog Bloggers Rock

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity of attending SuperZoo 2015 in Las Vegas. What made it even better this year was the fact I was able to hang out with an extraordinary blogger. You might know her, Jessica Williams of the super awesome blog, You Did What With Your Weiner.   Our days were…

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SuperZoo 2015 Recap

SuperZoo 2015 Recap – Part 1

Last week Riley and I headed off to Vegas for SuperZoo 2015. SuperZoo is the largest pet retailer convention on the west coast. This was our third year attending this awesome convention and we wanted to share a few of our highlights.  Our first stop Tuesday morning was a visit with the wonderful people of…

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Jesse , Super Shih Tzu Saturday Shih Tzu of the Week!

Jesse, Super Shih Tzu Saturday Shih Tzu of the Week Today’s Super Shih Tzu Saturday Shih Tzu of the week is Jesse! Name Jesse Nicknames Jess, Jess-Man, Little Buddy, Jesse Pinkman  Age 1 yr. 5 mos. Gender I’m a Boy What are your favorite foods? I love carrots, pumpkin, apple, banana and lots of healthy treats!…

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Limited Ingredient Diet for Dogs

Limited Ingredient Diet for Dogs & Giveaway!

Yesterday we returned home from Las Vegas where we attended SuperZoo. If you don’t know about SuperZoo, it is the largest pet retailer convention on the west coast. If you are a pet store owner, manufacturer, related to the pet industry in someway, well this is the place to be. Our first stop when all…

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Where in the World is Riley? At a Baseball Game

Where in the world is Riley Shih Tzu? This week we decided to take in a baseball game! As you may know, we are Mariner fans, heck we love Seattle teams in general. But guess what? Riley is not in Seattle… but we were able to catch up with the Mariners! I’m not too sure…

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