To Quit

To quit or not to quit? If you are thinking it’s the A to Z Challenge, well, we are not quitting, we just missed a couple of days as I had an allergic reaction to a recipe I was making for Healthy Latina Living. I’m okay, but we didn’t have our posts scheduled out of […]

'N' word , Agility Training

No! Do Not Use the “N” Word in Agility

Do not use the “N” word in agility. And the “N” word is not what you think! Simply the “N” word we are talking about is NO. If you joined me yesterday I talked about motivation, and from the very beginning I was taught that we never use the word ‘No’ when we are training […]

Canine Influenza

Canine Influenza: How Cautious Should You Be to Travel With Your Dog?

Canine Influenza as you may have heard is sweeping through Chicago and effecting household pet dogs.  This virus is, at the time of this writing been documented in Illinois,  and has now spread to additional to states including Ohio, Wisconsin, & Indiana. Residents are rushing to get vaccinations, no longer visiting dog parks, and staying […]

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Find Your Dogs Motivation in Agility

Motivation in dog agility is key. There are some dogs who are motivated to learn with the use of food, other with toys. But what about those few dogs who are not motivated by either one? Well you’ve got your work cut out for you in finding what motivates your dog. You see lately I’ve […]


Learning Left and Right in Agility

Having your dog learn left and right is not only great for agility, but can be used for many other venues also. It can also make for a cute parlor trick too! Teaching left and right is easy. There are many different ways to teach this, but my favorite is starting out with a turn. […]

Kyra Hiking Strawberry Lake UT

Kyra, Memories of the Sweetest Dog

So as I continue with the A to Z challenge, I realized I can’t find a darn thing in agility that starts with the letter K! At least when I look at agility terminology. But in my own personal universe and how it relates to agility I have Kyra. I’ll never forget the day she […]


Jumping, Foundation Training in Dog Agility

Jumping is part of the foundation training in dog agility, so it’s important to start off on the right paw so to speak. Warning: if you have a puppy do not make him jump high, setting bars on the ground or at 2 inches is perfect! If you built three to four jumps from our […]


Insurance, Why You’re Pet May Thank You

Do you have pet health insurance? If you haven’t though about it yet, you may want to start thinking about it today. I apologize for being blunt, but if you are participating in dog sports, have a curious dog or have kids under 10, adding pet insurance may help save the life of your 4 […]

Hind End Awareness

Hind End Awareness

It may be hard to believe, but some dogs are not completely aware they have two back legs. That’s when training for hind end awareness is important. I remember when Riley was little she had no idea what to do with her rear legs. This became evident one day when she jumped in the pool […]

Benefits of Playing Games with Your Dog

3 Benefits of Playing Games with Your Dog

When training for agility you always have to make time for a little fun and games. After all, agility is all about having fun. So when you are training make sure you are having lots of fun between sessions of weaving, jumping and going through tunnels. Keep it fun! While training at home I keep […]

Cross-training for your Agility Dog

Fitness and Cross Training Your Agility Dog

Have you ever thought about fitness and cross training your agility dog? Just as it is beneficial for us to cross-train, it’s just as important for our athletic canine companions.  By definition, cross-training refers to training in sports other than one that the athlete competes in with the goal of improving overall performance. As different […]


Effort Equals Excellence

If there is one thing that I’ve learned is that everything in life requires an effort. Effort equals excellence in our life, at least for the majority of us. And with agility, practicing only when you go to class isn’t striving for that excellence that we want. The more we practice the better we get. […]

Dangers of Agility

Danger, The Truth About Dog Agility

Hey! After 4 days there is something that needs to be addressed about agility. A danger you may not be ready for  with the sport of agility. So I am here to tell you the TRUTH about Dog Agility! DANGER: Agility is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE, and may have an impact on your wallet.  It’s sad but true. […]